Steve builds premium quality custom electric and archtop acoustic guitars. He takes great pride in being a guitar builder, not a guitar assembler, and believes that the CNC machine has no place in his workshop. With the exception of routing the truss rod slot, pickup cavity, and control cavity, all work is done by hand, including the winding of the single coil pickups. This allows him maximum flexibility and the ability to customize the tonal characteristics.

Steve’s proprietary building techniques and high standards are what set his guitars apart.
  • Top quality raw lumber, not pre-fabricated wooden parts

  • Hand-selected premium woods brought to the proper moisture content and maintained in the correct relative humidity

  • Precise joining of necks, finger boards, bodies, top and back plates

  • Super precise truss rod route that hugs the insulated truss rod allowing no room for sympathetic vibrations

  • A tight and precise neck joint
Philosophy on Building Custom Guitars
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AboutPhilosophyCustom GuitarsCustom PickupsRepairRepair GalleryIn The NewsContact Steve

His philosophy and process yield instruments with consistent quality, playability, look, feel, resonance and musicality. Steve’s passion for his craft, high attention to detail, and goal of preserving the integrity of his instruments enable him to handcraft superior guitars.
Serving the Charlotte Metro Area
and the Carolinas